Structural Engineering

Every project starts with a firm foundation.

If you think of a structure as a human body, structural engineers design and maintain the “skeleton.” In many ways they can be seen as guardians of public safety, ensuring that buildings, bridges and other structures are strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains. For our Oklahoma clients, for example, we create sturdy buildings capable of withstanding exceptionally high winds, tornadoes and earthquakes.

As a critical element of the broader civil engineering umbrella, FSB’s structural engineers work on a variety of systems utilized in building design, including new construction, building expansions/renovations and retrofit projects. Whether it’s an airport terminal, a tribal headquarters, an elementary school or a military hangar, each structure we touch is carefully designed to ensure we meet your current needs and plan for your needs of tomorrow.

As our client, you also benefit from the leadership of FSB’s two Ph.D.-level structural engineers, one specializing in concrete structures and the other in steel and seismic stability. Both have extensive engineering expertise, giving them insights into why structures behave as they do and the ability to provide creative cost effective and technical solutions. Our structural design experience often extends to surveying and documenting existing structures, making recommendations for upgrades and improvements, and providing construction documents and construction administration services. In many cases, this includes additional work necessary to connect a new structural system to an existing system or expand a system already in place. Frequently we are tasked with investigating an existing building to determine whether its condition is due to damage or deterioration. Working together we deliver seamless design solutions that give you lasting value and the confidence the structural design will meet or exceed building codes and appropriate standards.

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Structural Engineering Insights

Structural Engineering Insights

Structural Engineering Insights

Structural Engineering Insights