Looped Square Meat Processing Facility

The Looped Square Meat Processing Facility is a new, single-story construction consisting of an approximately 30,000 SF building with parking lot and other associated infrastructure. The structure of the building is a combination of tilt-up/structural steel and pre-fabricated metal which allowed for an accelerated design and construction schedule.

This facility is able to process 25 cattle and 25 hogs per week with extra space to process 300–500 deer carcasses during the peak hunting season and other value-added meat products during the off season. Designed to run 24/7, emergency power for egress lighting was integrated into the design by using battery backed emergency lighting units. Due to the inherent characteristics of a meat processing facility, all flooring is coated with an appropriate finish for a Food Safe Environment and Chemical Washdown.

New Fire Native Design Group led the interior design and exterior building design, while FSB led the design of the building engineering systems. Additional support was provided by an outside consultant for process design.

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Beggs, Oklahoma


The Muscogee Nation


30,000 SF