Civil Engineering

Integrating your building with the surrounding environment is what we do best.

Civil engineers create, improve and protect the environment in which we live. They do this by planning, designing and overseeing the construction and maintenance of buildings, facilities, roads, bridges, dams, airports, water and sewer systems, power plants and more. Representing our clients, FSB’s civil engineers also work closely with utility companies, city, county, state and federal representatives to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, identify issues at the earliest stages possible and produce the required documentation. Our team’s extensive list of local and national projects illustrates a broad range of experience including site-related work for commercial, industrial, educational, institutional and federal and state government projects.

‘Street Smart’ Highways & Local Roads
Our civil engineers, working closely with our architectural designers, have produced many creative and artistic street-scapes for local and national clients. From commercial to educational site work to industrial and government road-related projects, we take a hands-on approach. We manage aspects such as preliminary and final design, permitting, utility coordination, right-of-way acquisitions, environmental assessments and remediation.

‘Bridging the Gaps’ Bridges
FSB’s engineers have extensive experience not only designing new bridges, but also evaluating and renovating existing bridges in need of repair. Many of our projects are for repeat clients, such as the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

‘Going with the flow’ Hydrology
Surface water and groundwater have complex cycles which greatly impact any construction site, resulting in safety hazards if not addressed properly. Our hydrology experts are responsible for drainage analysis, floodplain analysis, environmental impact evaluations, consulting and all other project aspects pertaining to water. They look at the issue from multiple perspectives, with the overall goal of ensuring safe, timely delivery of durable buildings and infrastructure, while minimizing environmental disruption.

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