Master Planning

Our clients tell us where they want to go; we create the ‘road map’ that gets them there.

Great projects that fulfill their users’ needs and vision don’t just happen by chance. Long before the shovels ever break ground on a new facility there has to be a plan — a comprehensive road map that takes into account each client’s unique needs and goals for both the short and long term. This Master Plan is essential if the resulting buildings and building sites are to be developed to their fullest potential.

At FSB we work hand-in-hand with our clients and other stakeholders to co-create this detailed road map through a comprehensive, collaborative, engaging and interactive multi-step process. We guide them through our proven process, gathering and analyzing the information that allows our clients to make thoughtful, informed decisions about their current and future facility needs. FSB’s design staff have created hundreds of these plans across a wide variety of markets, resulting in beneficial road maps for the future, one that ensures the most positive and successful outcome.

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