Oklahoma City University Campus Master Plan

A new master plan visualizes the future of metro Oklahoma City college campus.

To enable sound decision-making and develop a more efficient use of campus land and facilities, moving into the 21st century was the key purpose behind FSB’s creation of a master plan for repeat client Oklahoma City University.

A cornerstone of the process involved the firm’s time-tested method of meeting with all individuals invested in the campus – from administrators and faculty to students and vendors, as well as outside users. FSB’s established familiarity with the campus enabled our team, partnering with education master planners SmithGroupJJR, to work seamlessly with the university from the very beginning to complete a plan utilizing input from the initial charrettes.

The stated goals for the master plan included linking academic programs to faculty development, reinforcing the campus’s unique urban environment, providing a high-quality image and identity for the institution, aiding in fundraising, improving financial stability through sustainable development, ensuring the campus infrastructure can keep pace with future needs, and positioning the university to be competitive in the 21st century.

These goals will be achieved through multiple strategic steps, such as relocating parking to the campus perimeter which in turn creates a strong pedestrian mall, and clustering critical academic and learning functions within the campus interior. Also planned is the enhanced development of two campus thoroughfares as major gateways to the university, the addition of a new university entrance corridor and creation of a special adjacent “university district” area to supplement campus life. OCU’s physical campus area also will be expanded through strategic land acquisition, possibly in partnership with the City of Oklahoma City or a third-party development entity.

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