Fire Protection Engineering

Protecting lives and protecting property with systems that are second to none.

Ensuring the safety of each building’s users, fire protection engineers evaluate and create the life-saving systems that keep a building’s occupants safe in case of fire, while helping keep property damage to a minimum.

FSB is proud to have one of the nation’s top fire protection engineers on our team. Our skilled fire detection and prevention staff has extensive experience designing complex fire alarm and evacuation systems for everything from military facilities to aviation hangars, university buildings to corporate headquarters and hospitals. Our designs are highly specific, depending on your structure type and additional needs, and we have extensive experience analyzing, designing and implementing water spray systems, Halon extinguishing systems, special ultraviolet-infrared discriminating fire detectors, special hazards controls with quick detection-actuation deluge and water spray systems, aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) sprinkler systems, fire pump design, spill and drainage systems, storage systems (both above and underground), under-wing oscillating nozzle systems and special dry chemical systems.

Our fire protection professionals also are thoroughly familiar with building codes and life-safety construction requirements. They routinely work with fire marshals, insurance underwriters and other authorities, and take charge of obtaining the proper approvals in a timely manner, avoiding last-minute complications during the construction process. Finally, we provide on-site supervision of the system installation.

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Fire Protection Engineering Insights

Fire Protection Engineering Insights

Fire Protection Engineering Insights

Fire Protection Engineering Insights