Construction Administration

On-site expertise and oversight keeps your project moving forward.

Efficiency and minimal issues along the path to your new facility are hallmarks of FSB, and each project reflects a close ongoing collaboration between the design team, the contractor and you, the Owner. Each team maintains a firm commitment to construction contract administration, continually providing project efficiency and improved quality assurance as well as delivery of the completed work as defined.

Our construction administration staff specializes in observing the quality and progress of all construction work. Construction challenges are often identified early so solutions can be implemented in a timely manner, with minimal or no impact to the construction schedule.

We provide a full spectrum of on-site construction inspection services, ranging from periodic observation to enhanced observation to full-time on-site representation. The appropriate levels of oversight are determined through discussions with you, the owner, and can be scaled up or down, as mutually deemed appropriate.

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Business Development Principal


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Construction Administration Insights

Construction Administration Insights