FedEx Ontario Expansion

This facility expansion increased the capacity and capability for FedEx

FSB recently completed an expansion project for FedEx at the Ontario International Airport. The expansion consists of 194,000 SF of new construction on approximately 66 acres. The new construction include two new facilities, a main sorting facility and a ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance building. This expansion also included access points for FedEx aircrafts. Because FSB knows that communication between all stakeholders is key to a successful project, the design team was in communication not only with FedEx, but also the Ontario International Airport Authority regarding the site and development plans.

The main sorting facility features a warehouse with close to 130,000 SF of state-of-the-art package sorting machinery, along with designated maintenance and administration areas. This new sorting equipment allows FedEx to accommodate 9,000 packages per hour. The 66-acre expansion consists of six major elements: a wide body aircraft ramp, a feeder aircraft ramp, a GSE staging area, a tractor/trailer area, a vehicle maintenance area and an employee/visitor entry and parking area.

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