Arvest Bank Regional Headquarters Office Renovation

It’s all about balance for this modern bank renovation.

The Bank of Oklahoma Tower, constructed in 1972 as a modern 18-story banking headquarters, was extremely outdated and dilapidated after being left vacant for a period of time. Arvest Bank leased the first two floors to relocate their regional headquarter office. FSB was initially brought in for an assessment and due diligence report, before being tasked with the design of the new banking center and office space.

The FSB team designed a contemporary solution utilizing clean lines, a light and neutral color palette with accents of the Arvest blue, and sophisticated finishes.

A challenge of this renovation was balancing acoustical privacy and security while creating a modern iconic look for Arvest’s brand. To achieve acoustical privacy while maintaining a clear, open view between the single-height private spaces on the ground floor and the double-height ceiling above, FSB designed a custom ceiling and lighting solution that would not require any attachment to or suspension from the double-height ceiling – enhancing the space both aesthetically and functionally.

The brand identity of most Arvest locations has been anchored in a transition between modern and traditional styles, with a mixture of sleek lines, high-tech lighting, glass walls and doors, and a delicate balance of warm, neutral colors with bright accents of the signature Arvest blue. Many of the elements of the existing shell space lent themselves toward a more modern design, and Arvest desired for this new regional headquarters location to stand out as a more modern extension of their brand while also fitting into the downtown Oklahoma City landscape.

The teller counter with dynamic form, lighting and signage is a focal point of the new banking lobby. Amenities and furnishings, such as a coffee bar with café-style seating, comfortable lounge areas with seating and customer services, bring the space together to cater to a positive customer experience. An open office atmosphere for the employees and customers alike, utilizes glass partition offices and open systems furniture to maximize natural daylighting and exterior views.

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Oklahoma City, OK


Arvest Bank


40,000 SF