Gaillardia Office Building

FSB kick-starts a high-end new development with this French-inspired retail building.

Against the beautiful backdrop of the Gaillardia Golf & Country Club, adjacent to one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, developers master planned a major new residential and commercial office building complex. FSB served as the A/E of Record for Office Building C, the first of four planned mixed-use commercial buildings to be constructed.

The three-story building’s exterior drew heavily from the design and materials palette used on the nearby Gaillardia clubhouse, including stone and plaster with a French flair. Large open floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the back side of the building, combined with third-floor balconies, provide outstanding views of the adjacent championship golf course.

Inside there are no interior partitions, allowing the building to be easily customized for future tenants with a total available multi-tenant office space of 75,000 SF. A two-story atrium accents the central interior area.


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“This project was accomplished utilizing a ‘teaming’ approach where under FSB’s lead, the A/E, Owner, User and Contractor all contributed to the design-build process. By FSB having all engineering in house, the required technical information and coordination was readily available, making the entire process much more efficient. Their staff’s very thorough knowledge of the project very often allowed them to provide solutions to construction issues ‘on the spot.’ This project was typical of every FSB project we have constructed - an attractive design that was very well planned and very well drawn.”

Guy Jackson, Former Project Manager, Wynn Construction
office building at Gaillardia
hole on the Gaillardia Country Club course is adjacent to the new development
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