Love’s Corporate Office Renovation

The two-story 132,420 SF building was originally designed in the 1970s to be a secure call center and data center. Now, the steel and insulated concrete structure has been renovated into modern office space for Love’s corporate offices.

FSB’s design focuses on maximizing workspace functionality while also consolidating support areas in strategic locations. Conference and meeting rooms are centralized for convenient access by all building occupants. Because its original design lacks access to natural light, our design team proposed several options to increase daylighting to the interior. The final design features windows installed in all exterior walls on both floors. The renovation’s integrated design also includes a Café, Conference Center and Musket Corporation Lab.

In addition, site upgrades have been done to connect the entire campus which is spread over 15.9 acres on three parcels of land with more than 900 parking spaces. New pedestrian sidewalks were added to link each parcel while also providing employees an aesthetically pleasing fitness opportunity.

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Oklahoma City, OK


Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores


132,420 SF