United Airlines LAX Maintenance Hangar & GSE Complex

This United Airlines maintenance hangar & GSE complex are part of a broader LAX transformation.

A massive expansion now underway at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) requires that all of its major airline carriers relocate their support functions. To meet this requirement, FSB and partner HNTB are providing longtime client United Airlines with relocation, design and construction services for a new line maintenance hangar and ground services equipment (GSE) complex. This multi-faceted project will consolidate United’s current east and west campuses into a single, state-of-the-art complex at its current eastern location.

Once completed, United will have a flexible campus containing a line maintenance hangar which can accommodate multiple aircraft ranging from A319 narrow body to B777/B787 wide body aircraft. The GSE building and support shops will enable United’s crews to perform any level of needed maintenance on every type of ground service equipment utilized by the airline, up to and including the largest size of tugs, tractors and buses.

The complexity of the project requires multiple stages to complete. Per the airport’s master plan, United must entirely vacate its west campus location. To complete the new complex, FSB is first retrofitting a west campus hangar bay, which will serve as an interim location for the east campus GSE. Once United’s east-side personnel are moved into this temporary facility, then two existing buildings will be demolished on the east campus to make a space for the new buildings. This step also requires relocation of a World War II-era Quonset hut. The final phase will be construction of the new maintenance hangar and GSE complex and the relocation of United’s personnel into the new buildings.

To meet the additional challenges of this large-scale project, FSB’s team is providing on-site construction administration throughout. Check out the construction progress in real time here.

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Los Angeles, CA


United Airlines


452,000 SF (total for all facilities)

WWII-era Quonset hut relocated
maintenance sites consolidated
range of aircraft accommodated