FedEx Mid-Atlantic Hub

Hub boosts FedEx’s ability to reach across the globe.

FedEx customers have additional insurance that their packages will absolutely, positively be there overnight, thanks to an addition to the company’s Mid-Atlantic hub. Located on a 172-acre tract of land at the Greensboro Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina, the facility incorporates an intricate and extensive combination of package sorting systems and technology, mezzanines and walkways, plus loading and unloading areas, all of which help the facility move an impressive 60 million pounds of cargo each year.

FSB designers were challenged to create a layout that would accommodate a highly complex and extensive system of conveyors and sorting equipment while still leaving adequate maneuvering room for tugs, carts, trucks and other support services. To create a facility capable of meeting these extensive demands, the FSB team worked hand-in-hand with FedEx officials, equipment suppliers and representatives from the City of Greensboro throughout the design, permitting and construction process.

Concurrent with construction of the hub, FSB also designed four additional structures to support the hub, including: a 58,000 SF Administration Building, a 50,000 SF Vehicle Maintenance Building, a 4,000 SF Generator Building (to provide complete back-up electrical service) and an additional 10,000 SF of support activities for a World Service Center and a Security Building. FSB also designed a relocated aircraft ramp for multiple wide-body and narrow-body aircraft, complete with aircraft utilities that support the loading and unloading process each day and night.

Finally, the FSB team assisted FedEx in creating proposals for the purchase of updated sorting equipment for the facility. FSB coordinated with both FedEx staff and the bidding equipment manufacturers to ensure the building and new machinery would interface properly for maximum performance, and assisted FedEx employees with evaluating the resulting manufacturers’ proposals.

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additional structures
were designed by FSB to support the hub
square feet
million pounds of cargo are moved each year