Aircraft Maintenance Complex Relocation & Expansion

Fast-tracked maintenance facilities assist United Airlines with move to Houston’s Bush Airport

This approximately three-year project is on a fast track to create a multi-facility maintenance complex at the George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, with an estimated completion date of November 2019. The new complex will allow United Airlines to streamline its heavy and routine aircraft maintenance by transferring its operations from older inadequate facilities at William P. Hobby Airport to more spacious quarters at Bush, nearly a one-hour drive away.

The buildings will support both line maintenance and heavy maintenance of United’s fleet of Boeing aircraft models 737, 747, 757 and 777. Divided into eight design elements with both new and renovated spaces, the project includes multiple facets including: construction of a new wide-body line maintenance hangar with an engine build-up shop, renovation of an existing 72,000 SF structure into a narrow body heavy maintenance hangar, a new bulk storage warehouse, a new shops building, a stores warehouse renovation, plus a new apron, parking ramp and taxi lane. The large hangar will accommodate 3 wide-body aircraft, with a space covering more than four acres.

Construction of the facilities will include a number of green design features, including high-efficiency HVAC, plumbing and LED lighting fixtures, widespread use of natural lighting, a photovoltaic solar collection system and the use of native plant species that reduce the need for irrigation. Multiple fire protection and security systems are in place, including a blast deflector capable of withstanding the full power take-off velocities of all commercial and non-afterburner military aircraft.

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George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX


United Airlines


1,543,600 SF

Multi-facility maintenance complex
Large hangar will accommodate 3 wide-body aircraft
Design elements for hangar, warehouse & support shops