C-5 Fuel Cell, Corrosion Control and Maintenance Hangars

FSB creates specialized service bays for one of the world’s largest aircraft.

One of the biggest challenges faced by aircraft maintenance crews is preventing structural damage to their aircraft, specifically damage such as corrosion to the plane’s metal components. To address this problem, FSB designed three state-of-the-art corrosion control, fuel cell and general maintenance hangars for members of the Tennessee Air National Guard. These high-tech structures addressed overall maintenance needs for the C-5 Galaxy ─ one of the largest cargo aircraft in the world. The hangars’ design utilized integrated planning and technology, both of which were necessary to develop and coordinate the complex building systems.

FSB’s award-winning design created three separate hangars, each with a 257-foot truss span, dedicated separately to fuel cells, corrosion control and general maintenance. Design and construction included maintenance shops, plus administration and training areas. Compared to previous hangars utilized by the Guard, overall efficiency was greatly improved due to the placement of shop and maintenance activities on three sides of the aircraft within each hangar. By locating people, services and materials directly adjacent to the aircraft maintenance space, cycle times have been greatly reduced.

The elevated design aesthetic provides a source for squadron pride and supports recruiting and retention for the Guard. During the project the FSB team was challenged when a massive Gulf Coast hurricane struck during the latter portions of final design, immediately affecting construction material and labor costs. The FSB design team made adjustments which kept the project on schedule and within the approved budget.


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Memphis International Airport, TN


Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority | Tennessee Air National Guard


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"The A/E Firm FSB provided design and construction oversight for the largest single MILCON construction contract, in ANG history. Service was outstanding, and exceeded expectations. Program execution was exceedingly complex and included unique partnerships between the ANG, Memphis Airport Authority and private enterprise. FSB delivered an award-winning set of facilities on budget and on schedule!"

Douglas Rowand, Program Manager, National Guard Bureau
U.S. Air Force design awards
developed in value engineering options to counter rising regional construction costs
clear spans for each of 3 aircraft servicing bays