American Airlines DFW Hangar 5 Renovation

FSB staffs two sites simultaneously, enabling a speedy employee transfer.

When American Airlines needed an unusually rapid turnaround on this hangar renovation project at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, they turned to long-time partners FSB. With a deadline of only a few months to take the project from design to completion, FSB responded by committing two teams of architects, engineers, interior designers and construction administrators to the endeavor. The first team began work on the renovations in Dallas, while the second visited the employees’ current home in Fort Worth to document what items needed to be moved and confirm the specific upgrades required to accommodate airline personnel, spaces and equipment.

While fulfilling the traditional needs of a maintenance hangar, this project also focused on renovations and significant additions to the administrative spaces. The design teams transformed an outdated space into offices for aircraft, facility and general maintenance administrators, plus human resources staff. A Hangar Operations Center, engineering space and general storage areas rounded out the upgrade, providing the new tenants with a modernized, comfortable and efficient work space.

In the hangar bays, the renovation included adding multiple new PCA’s (pre-conditioned air) units and associated ducting, a new chiller to provide for the additional building and equipment loads, and consolidation/renovation of the hangar’s support shops.

As a follow-up to the main project, FSB identified and addressed all fire protection-related items not included in the initial phase. Modifications were made to the hangar’s existing wet pipe sprinkler systems. A complete new fire alarm system was installed in the hangar and support areas, along with a new hangar foam system control panel. A new linear heat detection system replaced 30- and 40-year-old spot heat detectors in the hangar overhead, while manual foam pull stations were replaced with clear, alarmed covers and additional signage. Finally, foam system and fire alarm system equipment and wiring also were upgraded.

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months of design time to close down & relocate a wide-body maintenance hangar
phase renovation completed while aircraft maintenance activities continued uninterrupted
square feet renovated and expanded