Thunderbird Chapel at Camp Gruber

FSB volunteered our time and talents to give the Army National Guard its own “prairie chapel.”

Many things can be described as a labor of love, but this is particularly appropriate when speaking of the Thunderbird Chapel at Oklahoma’s Camp Gruber. Funded through donations and built with volunteer labor, it filled a significant gap for the campground which had not had a new chapel since 1977.

FSB participated in this enormous volunteer effort by providing architecture and engineering design drawings that encapsulate a “prairie chapel” feel for the new structure. The design complements its setting in a wooded area of the 30,000-acre site and is surrounded by meditation venues and walkways. A dominant bell tower and nearly 60-foot steeple rise above the front door of the simple frame structure, anchoring the building and creating a welcoming feel.

The interfaith Thunderbird Chapel has seating for 200 and is designed for worship services, weddings, family reunions and community activities. Clergy and counseling offices were also included.

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Camp Gruber, Muskogee, OK


Oklahoma Army National Guard


10,500 SF

“It’s a great gift back to our soldiers and a thank-you gift for all that they have done in time and sacrifice that they have given to our nation.”

Mary Fallin, former Governor of Oklahoma
person seating in the chapel
acre site
foot steeple rise