Composite Support Complex

The award-winning Composite Support Complex combines base services into one central — and convenient — hub.

Military personnel stationed at the Tulsa Air National Guard base are receiving much better service following completion of the Composite Support Complex facility. FSB conducted the design charrette and served as the A/E of Record for this key construction project, which serves as a focal point for base activities.

The two-story Composite Support Complex is home to a kitchen, food service area and dining room capable of serving 400 personnel per shift for three shifts per day. Also included are operation and training areas for wing staff and command functions, a medical training facility, accounting/finance administrative offices, plus space for myriad other team members, including mission support flight, social and family services, judge advocate, chaplain, safety, public affairs and state. A physical fitness center is incorporated into the design, which is rounded out by “privately owned vehicle” parking areas and landscaping.

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Tulsa Air National Guard Base, OK


National Guard Bureau | Oklahoma Air National Guard


61,940 SF


“This project is a striking example of what military architecture can be when users work together with a talented design group. The design highlights the superb durability, attention to detail and memorable aesthetics of this facility. This dramatic multi-functional facility enhances the sense of personal pride that each unit member has in our unit. This facility dramatically enhances our mission performance.”

Col. Robert D. Ireton, Commander, Oklahoma Air National Guard
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