State Highway 10 Replacement of Bridges 27069 & 27070

Dual bridge replacement solves a Big (Creek) problem.

FSB completed plans, specifications and cost estimates for two new bridges that will replace existing aging bridges 27069 and 27070 in Craig County, Oklahoma. Services included: surveying, hydraulic study and geotechnical exploration, design of shoo-flys with temporary bridges (at the request of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation), replacement bridges, approaches and roadway improvements, along with utility utility right-of-way planning phases.

Both bridges presented unique design challenges. Due to the very shallow hard stratum at the East Fork Bridge, drilled shafts are being used exclusively, and the substructure of this bridge is skewed, due to the angle at which the bridge spans the creek. At the Big Creek Bridge, the subsoils were found to be harder than typically encountered, requiring a modified H-piles design using pre-drilled pilot holes and pumping concrete to fill the interstitial spaces. The new bridges are three-span, with a new shoulder, 40-foot clear roadway and TR-4 traffic railings.

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Craig County, OK


Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)



the number of bridges removed & replaced
shoo-fly's for traffic detours
new bridges will be 3-span, with a new shoulder