MIDCON Recovery Services Data Center

FSB provided full A/E services for this new $2 million data center for Oklahoma City-based commercial client MIDCON Recovery Solutions, which provides data storage services to a broad spectrum of business types. Priority design features for the new facility revolved around use of a precast hardened concrete shell, enabling the MIDCON Data Center to withstand 250-per-mile-hour winds, roughly equivalent to an EF5 tornado.

The MIDCON Data Center layout is broken into 3,000 SF of usable white space to accommodate the company’s computer servers, along with office space, a reception area and restrooms, for a total of 6,000 SF. A prominent feature is the use of a raised, state-of-the-art interstitial flooring system, which provides significant energy savings. Consisting of two separate levels, one contains power cables, while a lower level contains the circulating chilled air necessary to keep the servers at optimum operating temperature.

Traditionally, these cables and air have been combined into a single area beneath the servers. By separating into two levels, employees can remove tiles to work on the cabling as needed, without dissipating the chilled air. This simple design tweak will provide major operating cost savings over the life of the facility.

The MIDCON Data Center’s design permits it to be easily updated and expanded as needed. Backup generators also will allow the center to function for up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage.


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tornado wind resistance capability
SF of usable white space