Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Master Plan

A celebration of culture: Tribal Master Plan will enable a successful cultural outreach.

FSB was engaged by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to develop a Tribal Master Plan for all properties owned by the tribe within an approximate 5-7 mile radius surrounding their Tribal Capitol Complex in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

The Tribal Master Plan is intended to establish the best way forward for the long-term development of tribal properties and to assist with long-term capital improvement planning, while also focusing on addressing current and future space needs and developing Okmulgee as a tourist destination through the planning of numerous exciting outwardly focused facilities and activities.

Full site master plans were developed for four sites: the Tribal Capitol Complex, the Omniplex/Agriplex/Hotel-Casino site, a 40-acre site reserved for utilitarian functions and services the tribe provides, and a proposed Cultural Center site. Preliminary assessments were performed for the remaining sites within the project boundaries to establish best use.

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