ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center

For OSU grads, this attractive new alumni center strengthens the ties that bind.

A culmination of years of growth and planning, plus a desire to recognize the importance of Oklahoma State’s alumni, ushered in the need for a facility that would resonate with the rich history and tradition of Oklahoma’s brightest orange. Providing a home away from home for current and future alumni, this facility is a welcoming place that alumni visitors can identify with and use as a hub for their activities during return trips to campus.

The award-winning center design provides a wide range of articulate and thoughtful spaces which support the various activities of OSU’s alumni. Following a series of design charrettes, the decision was made to dedicate the first floor to public spaces, separate from administrative needs on the second floor. Other specialized areas incorporated into the design are a visitor center, office and meeting spaces, public lounges and specialized rooms for conferences, meeting and dinners.

Exhibits depicting and honoring various OSU alumni are located throughout the facility, highlighted against a backdrop of cream walls, wooden flooring and banners in the school’s colors of orange, black and white. A centralized waiting area features an elevated ceiling and flooring, both done in warm golden wood, and showcases a functional stone fireplace.

Creation of this new alumni center, financed by the ConocoPhillips petroleum company, presents an opportunity to develop unique relationships between the alumni association’s staff and members, ultimately resulting in a stronger organization. With the completion of this facility, the OSU Alumni Association not only fulfills its previous two missions, “A Century of Serving Alumni” and “Bringing Dreams to Life,” but it also creates a self-fulfilling destiny for its current mission, “Connections for Life.”

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Stillwater, OK


OSU Alumni Association


52,000 SF


“The Alumni Center has been a challenging and rewarding experience. We set out to build a signature building that would provide a new entryway on the southeast corner of the campus. Our staff and your team together achieved this vision, and equally important, we created a highly functional facility that blended with the OSU Georgian architecture. The success of this project can be attributed to the passion that you have for Oklahoma State University.”

Jerry Gill, Executive Director, OSU Alumni Association
events are held here each year
thousand OSU alumni are living throughout the world
the year the Alumni Association was formally organized