Conoco Museum

As part of a Centennial project commemorating Oklahoma’s 100th year of statehood, Conoco (now ConocoPhillips) wanted to develop a design solution that would connect and emphasize their corporate history while providing a flexible exhibit space. That design solution is the Conoco Museum.

This world-class facility designed by FSB celebrates a history of risk, innovation and mergers. The Conoco Museum follows the history of the international petroleum juggernaut from its humble beginnings to exceptional growth, acquisitions and partnerships.

Upon arriving at the Conoco Museum, visitors are greeted by abstract elements symbolizing the oil-producing industry, coupled with traditional brick and stone, to reflect the industrial and business structures in the surrounding ConocoPhillips refinery. The design provides carefully programmed spaces for exhibits and supporting areas.

A reception room featuring the introductory film “Pioneer Spirit” welcomes visitors prior to entering five areas showcasing the evolution of the company’s business identity, marketing and both onshore and offshore technologies. Unique to this building, the need to secure and preserve these artifacts provided FSB with a challenge of maintaining the quality of the visitor’s experience while adhering to strict temperature and humidity control, as well as acoustical privacy from the theater and security monitoring.

The success of the Conoco Museum is evident in the numerous five-star reviews identifying it as “fascinating,” “well laid out” and “worth a visit.” Through this “must-see” museum, Ponca City has solidified itself as a destination worth coming back to time and time again.

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Ponca City, OK




9,000 SF


“The design of the Conoco Museum eloquently solved the unique needs of housing a fantastic collection of exhibits and reflecting the cultural aspects of the company, all while situated in an existing residential neighborhood. The building is visually unique and striking, drawing the visitor in to learn the story of this fascinating company.”

Lanny Seals, Project Manager, Conoco Museum
9,000 SF
Size of the Museum
Exhibit Areas
This museum was apart of Oklahoma's Centennial Celebration