Choctaw Nation Data Center

Pulling Double Duty…This Facility Functions as a Data Center & an Emergency Operations Center.

As part of an ongoing effort to consolidate all its tribal services into one central location, FSB worked with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to plan and complete a three-facility campus. In support of these facilities, FSB also performed full A/E services for a dual-purpose new building to house the Choctaw Nation Data Center and Emergency Operations Center. Completed, the center supports all buildings on the headquarters campus, marking the first time the tribe’s information services offices have all been in one location.

A central spine along the length of the building separates the Choctaw Nation Data Center and its associated personnel along one side, while placing access to the Emergency Operations Center and its work spaces along the other. In acknowledgement of its highly sensitive functions, the facility is deliberately located on the perimeter of the campus. Its neutral exterior also is purposely designed to make it inconspicuous, yet consistent with the overall look of the adjacent buildings. Small earth berms along the south and west sides of the site add further camouflage. Due to Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather, the facility’s exterior is hardened, making it capable of withstanding 250 mile-per-hour winds. In the event of a power outage, back-up generators allow both IT and emergency operations services to continue uninterrupted for 48 hours.

The Emergency Operations Center is cooled by a ground source heat pump system, resulting in additional reliability after a tornado. The white space is cooled with air-cooled CRAC units and protected by an ECARO-25 clean agent system.

Interior finishes are consistent with the larger Choctaw Nation Headquarters building, in warm, inviting tones which reflect the professional nature of the facility. In addition to the server and data center spaces, the facility layout incorporates a main command center/training/conference area, administrative space, a reception area, equipment storage spaces and restrooms. An adjacent parking lot also is included, and the building’s design will enable it to be expanded at a future date, as needed.

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250 MPH
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