Aviation Battalion Complex

The secure five-building Special Operations Forces Aviation Battalion Complex supports the operation and maintenance of 26 rotary wing aircraft.

This secure Aviation Battalion Complex includes 165,000 SF in five separate buildings, plus an exterior wash rack for the aircraft. The project is a combination of renovations and new buildings, as follows:

  • Renovated hangar building — 117,000 SF
  • New two-story addition for BHQ and HHC — 26,000 SF
  • Renovated medical operations building — 4,000 SF
  • New aviation life support equipment building — 6,000 SF
  • New deployment storage building — 6,000 SF
  • New fuel tank storage building — 6,000 SF

The existing hangar building was renovated for the maintenance of 26 rotary wing aircraft to include MH47 Chinooks and MH60 Blackhawks. Of that area, 22,000 SF is administration and meeting areas for four separate maintenance companies on the first floor with pilot mission planning and training on the second floor.

The Aviation Battalion Complex provides facilities including armories for each company; centralized armament shop; airframe, engine and power train shops; avionics shop (both secure and non-secure); and accommodations for wash down of aircraft in the hangar bays. The FSB team worked closely with the user groups to accommodate the maintenance requirements of each component in the shops and hangars.

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JB Lewis-McChord, WA


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District | U.S. Army, Special Operations Command


165,000 SF

“The SOF Aviation Battalion Complex is a GREAT project, and your team should be very proud. I am very pleased with the A/E and the results we are getting. The soldiers of the 160th SOAR are really pleased and they are going to be the envy for other units with this mission.”

Sidney Jones, USACE, Seattle District
exterior wash rack
building complex
rotary wing aircraft maintained, including Chinooks and Blackhawks