Air Freight Terminal and Base Supply Building

Combining the multiple cargo needs of two major operations into a single one-story warehouse facility is the optimal result of this design-build project, now considered to be one of the top U.S. Air Force facilities in the country. Air freight terminal and base supply functions are distinctly arranged around the structure, surrounding a centrally located freight processing area that allows visibility between major program areas and activities.

The building serves the flightline supply requirements, which consist of low-bay administrative functions and high-bay warehouse functions, all arranged to maximize efficiency. In addition to administrative space, the facility incorporates ramps, truck docks, pallet pits and cargo staging areas for the air freight terminal. A mechanized material handling system (MMHS) is attached to the flightline side of the building, providing shelving and automated delivery of pallets via a system of roller conveyors. Adjacent to this are administrative space, bulk storage, high-density shelving, parts pick-up and delivery areas for base supply. Natural light is used throughout the facility, boosting its aesthetics and energy efficiency and bringing it in compliance with LEED certification rules.

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JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District | U.S. Air Force


118,156 SF


“We are extremely pleased with this project at McGuire Air Force Base, especially given the constraints of the MILCON program. It is a first-class facility with minimal issues and considered among many to be one of the top facilities in the USAF, particularly in facilities of comparable size.”

David E. Lamphere, Air Terminal Manager, 305th Aerial Port Squadron - AMC
primary users: Air Freight Terminal and Base Supply
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