January 28, 2013

Delivering the Goods – building delivery systems

Source: fsb-ae-blog.com

designmatters_012813_render1There are a number of systems within the building that are designed to deliver something unique and specific to that system. We have discussed some of these already, but there are several more that we will see being installed at the project in the weeks to come. Some of these unique delivery systems include:

Grey Water System; this system collects waste water, cleans it up to a non-potable level and then delivers that grey water for the purpose of flushing toilets and urinals. Its purpose is  also to reduce water consumption which meets one of our LEED (sustainable) requirements. The beginnings of this system (the portion that collects waster water) have been installed underground.

Storm Water Collection System; this system collects rain water from the building roofs and site and delivers it at a controlled rate of release into the City storm water system so as not to overburden the City’s system with an increased rate of runoff. We have seen these pipes stored at the site waiting for the time of their installation.


Waste Water System; collects waste water from plumbing fixtures and delivers the effluent to the City sanitary sewer system. The beginnings of this system have been installed underground.
Power Distribution System; this system brings power into the building, cleans it up, converts it to various usable voltages and phases and then delivers it to equipment, motors, lights and outlets.



Here are some other delivery systems. Complete the descriptions, decide what is unique about the system and how each delivers it’s goods; answers in upcoming posts:

  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Lighting System
  • Domestic Cold Water System
  • Communication Data System
  • Domestic Cold Water System
  • People/Materials Delivery System
  • Day Lighting System
  • Way Finding System
  • Construction Documents
  • Refrigerant System
  • Air Delivery System

While reviewing recent construction photos, I saw a material that is a part of a system that I had not seen before. I was familiar with the delivery system, but not what it is made of. Here are the photos I was looking at. The material is orange in color. Do you know what the material is and what delivery system it is part of?


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