July 23, 2014

Best Commercial Architecture Firm or Design Company

Source: okcBIZ

Best Commercial Architecture Firm or Design Company

Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates, P.C. (FSB) has prospered and grown under three generations of leadership since opening in 1945. Because of its reputation for great service and quality and award-winning design, FSB competes and wins national projects against companies 100 times its size. It does this by specializing in providing high-quality architectural-engineering services that exceed ordinary expectations across many sectors, including aviation, corporate, civic, cultural, education, federal, native american and infrastructure.

A trusted name with a rich history in Oklahoma City, FSB is best known for designs that withstand the test of time, as well as its legacy of the highest caliber industry leadership throughout its 69 years in business. Basing operations in Central Oklahoma provides FSB with unique opportunities as both a business and a community member. With ongoing projects across the country and in Oklahoma, FSB’s centralized location allows the firm to provide high-quality service for clients and a high quality of life for its team.

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