Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center

After FSB revamp, Oklahoma City University’s student center is once more the hub of campus life.

A thriving student center can be described as the heart of a university campus, a place where students, faculty and visitors can gather to eat, relax, study, purchase books and otherwise hook into campus life. For students at Oklahoma City University, that heart was missing. Their existing student center hadn’t been upgraded since 1967, and thus it lacked most of the basic amenities – such as WiFi – needed to optimize the experience of its 21st-century students. In short, it had become a campus “dead zone” that no longer reflected current student life.

Correcting this situation was a major goal of OCU President Dr. Tom McDaniel, who worked closely with FSB during every phase of this major renovation project. Our professionals first conducted a number of workshops, learning from the students themselves what they needed and wanted. Team members also met with the wide variety of groups utilizing the building, including food service, bookstore and computer center employees, faculty and vendors, among others.

No space in the building was left untouched during the renovation. In many areas, such as the bookstore, ceilings were elevated and windows added to open up dimly lit, box-like 1960s era spaces. Also included in the modernized facility are the campus bookstore (complete with small adjacent café), computer center, conference center, cafeteria, student lounge, rooms dedicated to student organizations and office space for student support services.

Upon its completion, the center was named in honor of McDaniel and his wife, Brenda, and it has once more returned to being the hub of OCU campus life.

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