Civic Center Music Hall Historic Renovation

This project blends historic preservation with modern amenities for the Civic Center Music Hall.

When the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City was initially designed, the ground floor layout was not ideal for patron experience, circulation or box office sales during the day without compromising building security. FSB’s design team worked with the Civic Center to develop a solution.

The team started their assessment with a tour of the existing spaces and then presented an initial concept with a more open floor plan, movable point-of-sale booths, a new kitchen, more backstage space for the Freede Theatre performers, a secure box office area for public access during the day, and a vestibule addition on the north side to provide VIPs and the Freede Theatre a dedicated entrance. Additionally, the carpet, paint and other interior finishes will be upgraded to make the overall design more cohesive.

The Civic Center also wants to upgrade the adjacent Freede Theatre while preserving its historic architecture. FSB enlisted the help of theatre consultants, Schuler Shook, to help with the lighting and theatre system upgrades for this area, while FSB’s design team will complete upholstery upgrades for all the patron seating.

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Oklahoma City, OK


City of Oklahoma City


35,000 SF