Steve Shrum

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Steve Shrum’s business insight has played a key role in the company’s success and growth. Steve is responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation, financial planning, strategic budget management, capital funding, cost–benefit analysis, regulatory compliance and forecasting. He is also responsible for managing the firm’s Human Resources and Administrative operations.

Steve is part of FSB’s Corporate Management team and is responsible for supporting the overall strategic direction of the firm. He also supports Principals and Project Managers on individual project budget management issues. Steve ensures that FSB continues to operate from a secure financial position, with steady, controlled and sustainable growth.

Steve started his career, working for a national retailer, where he progressed to the District Operations Manager position, overseeing several locations and hundreds of employees. He joined FSB in 2001 as the Comptroller and was later named Chief Financial Officer.

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“Not being an architect or engineer, I look at things with a very different eye than the rest of the team. When FSB is successful, I take pride in knowing that I played a role in that success.”