Philip McNayr, AIA, NCARB

Executive Vice President

As Executive VP, Philip plays an important role on the FSB Corporate Management team spearheading the development and execution of corporate strategy. Philip focuses on both short and long-term improvements for the firm by leading the development of key strategic priorities through a comprehensive strategic plan. Philip works in concert with FSB’s CEO, CFO and COO to create, communicate and implement FSB’s strategic direction. He is always focused on what is best for FSB, its employees and clients.

Philip’s expertise in this area come directly from his skill in strategically leading the Aviation market sector for FSB as its Principal. He understands the importance of an inclusive planning process that reaches consensus among the company leaders, developing clear strategies and monitoring their implementation to result in the best return-on-investment for FSB.

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“I believe that strategic planning is important not only on projects but also in leading and managing our firm. Growth, creativity and innovation are achieved through a strategic process and implemented through teamwork and leading by example.”

As some aircraft hangars are among the world’s largest structures, heating and cooling these facilities is no small feat. In fact, the sheer size of a hangar is one among many challenges that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) designers and engineers address with each project. For example, depending on the activities taking place, airflow […]

The length of multiple football fields end to end, and with ceilings as high as ten stories, an aircraft hangar might house hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of aviation assets on any given day. Since 1951, the designers and engineers of FSB have begun each federal, commercial and private hangar project by asking clients the […]

When an aircraft hangar catches fire things begin happening very quickly. Heat or flame sensors are triggered, the building is evacuated, and within seconds, many thousands of gallons of fire-fighting foam spreads throughout the structure to extinguish the flames. Designing systems capable of moving this amount of foam everywhere it needs to be across structures […]

OKLAHOMA CITY (September 24, 2015) Will Rogers World Airport announced today that the Oklahoma City Airport Trust approved design plans for the expansion of the airport terminal. The terminal expansion will include a new streamlined security checkpoint, a public observation gallery, increased shopping and dining amenities, space for future international air service and other high-tech […]