John Semtner, PE, LEED AP, BEAP

Civic & Education Markets Principal

John works with local governments, schools and citizens to develop projects that promote community pride and enhance relationships. His strength lies in simplifying advanced options, helping clients work through tough choices and enabling them to focus on important milestones. Complex projects have included dormitories, historic high-rises, advanced energy-saving projects, saferooms, classrooms, medical and laboratory projects, and iconic architectural projects.

Dedicated to many local organizations, John is active in Oklahoma City’s Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, as well as the United Way of Central Oklahoma. He is also a volunteer on the boards of Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, the Arts Council of Oklahoma City and Santa Fe Family Life Center.

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“As a sixth generation Oklahoman, giving back to the Oklahoma community is important to me. I take pride in FSB planning, designing, and assisting the construction of these civic buildings that my grandchildren will use.”

The key to successful building management is long-term planning, and no long-term planning can be successful without an accurate baseline of information as a starting point. The best way to obtain that information is via a professional building assessment, a relatively inexpensive tool that’s critical to making the best use of available dollars and accurately […]

FSB stepped up to help the Oklahoma Department of Tourism expedite its office relocation into the Department of Commerce building when the agency was given five days to vacate its current offices. The FSB team worked with Tourism and Commerce staff to successfully plan and execute the move in just one weekend. The Situation: Relocation […]

Creating a collaborative environment amongst stakeholders is a key strategy to designing a new building or redefining existing spaces. FSB has developed a specialized design workshop process – FSB Design Discovery Lab – that creates a partnership between an owner, and the design team, resulting in highly successful projects. FSB Design Discovery Lab A Design […]

The Oklahoma Capitol building is a living piece of state history. It’s also a functioning public office building and gathering space. The 100-year old building’s mechanical systems had reached a critical point of disrepair when, in 2014, the legislature and Gov. Mary Fallin initiated a restoration for the building that would include modernizing its heating, […]