John Semtner, PE, LEED AP, BEAP

Education Market Principal

As the Principal of FSB’s Civic & Education markets, John Semtner, works closely with local governments, schools and stakeholders to develop projects that promote strong community pride and enhance relationships.

John's expertise in management, design and engineering for projects both large and small helps bring long-term value, innovation and sustainability to his clients. His strength is to simplify advanced options, help clients work through tough choices, and keep experts and consultants focused on important milestones. Those complex projects have included dormitories, historic high-rises, advanced energy saving projects, saferooms, classrooms, medical projects, laboratory projects, and iconic architectural projects.

In addition to focusing on the improvement of our community through his work at FSB, John also dedicates his personal time to a variety of local organizations. John volunteers on the boards of Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, the Arts Council of Oklahoma City and Santa Fe Family Life Center. He is active in the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City, and the United Way of Central Oklahoma. He is a past president of the Central Oklahoma Chapter of ASHRAE and graduate of Leadership Oklahoma City’s Signature and LOYAL programs.

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“As a sixth generation Oklahoman, giving back to the Oklahoma community is important to me. I take pride in FSB planning, designing, and assisting the construction of these civic buildings that my grandchildren will use.”

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