Chickasaw Nation WinStar Data Center

This new data center provides the Chickasaw Nation with secure, off-site storage of vital information.

Storage of computer data, such as surveillance video camera footage, is an essential need for all large business operations, and FSB met this need for the Chickasaw Nation through a new state-of-the-art center which provides data storage for its WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Construction of this new facility allowed the tribe to move its data storage functions away from the casino itself to a separate site, a move which also enabled them to immediately double their existing storage capability. Home to approximately 50 IT cabinets when opened, going forward the Data Center has the ability to again double its capacity to meet future storage needs. The center is interconnected with two other Chickasaw-owned data centers in the state, with multiple redundant back-up systems in place to ensure that data storage will be uninterrupted in the event of severe weather or extended power outages.

The front portion of the center consists of an expandable steel building, which is home to offices and additional areas for staff, as well as mechanical and electrical support space. Behind this steel section is the actual Data Center storage area. Made of precast concrete, including a concrete roof, it’s capable of withstanding 200 mph winds ─ approximately equal to an EF-4 tornado.

As a final security measure, an elevated, grass-covered berm was built up behind the center, shielding it from view of travelers along Interstate 35.

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Thackerville, OK


The Chickasaw Nation


16,300 SF

Tier 2
data center
mph wind resistant facility
IT cabinets